Hi friends!

Well, it’s finally time to share my story. This story has been sitting on the shelf for more than 10 years. Maybe it never felt like the right time, maybe I wasn’t in the mood, or maybe Tradelize didn’t exist to publish it yet. It was the summer of 2010. I met my friend Valeriy and he was telling me about some really interesting currency that you could mine with your computer’s processor or with a video card. At the time, I didn’t even ask what the point of this currency was.

Back then, I considered Valeriy to be the smartest guy I knew, so I didn’t doubt him for a second. If Valera said this was a cool new currency, that meant it was. It didn’t matter where it came from or what you could do with it. Valera told me at the time that he was working on special equipment that could mine much faster than one computer, or even ten computers at once. He was working on his own mining chip.
“Stop by my place and I’ll show you something special,” he said.

So I did. Stacks of paper with blueprints of the chip lay on a table. To me, this was like a series of nonsensical lines. But for Valera, it was the whole world, even a new world. And this was his plan to take it over 😊

Valera said asked me to invest a bit of money so that he could create this chip and his miner. He needed to order the equipment from China, print the circuit boards, etc… He needed to raise money because to purchase equipment from China you needed to reach a minimum order. If you didn’t order at least the minimum amount of units, then the factory simply wouldn’t take your order. Then one company in Kiev was going to assemble it all together into a working product.

We sent the money, waited 2 or 3 months, and finally, our order started to arrive. We found a company in Kiev that could assemble our product, and everything was going great. I reorganized a whole room in my house to fit all the shelves of miners that I had planned to run (as long as there was enough electricity).

Then one beautiful day Valera called me saying, hey buddy, the power supplies for your batch hasn’t come, you think you can find some and buy them?
I answered, “But Valera, I have no idea what kind of power supply I need, or even where to look for them. Didn’t you promise you would take care of everything?”
Valera said that he was really busy and that I was going to have to find the power supplies.

At that time, I was just diving into trading and was trading on the CME. Those of you who trade know how much energy that takes… from morning to night you look at charts and battle with the market.

And here I was supposed to ditch everything and dedicate myself to a task that I did not understand at all…
A few days later Valera offered to meet me halfway and lessened my burden.
“Look, Anton,” Valera said, “if you want, I can just buy your part from you.”
At the time, this sounded like my savior, the solution to get back my investment so I could throw myself into trading.
I agreed.

By now, you have probably figured out that the currency Valerey was offering to mine was Bitcoin. When we ordered the parts for our miners, Bitcoin cost about $4, and when the parts arrived the price was about $9.
My friend the blessed Valeriy Nebesnyi created a mining chip that was several times faster than its competitors.

That’s how Bitfury was born. The company that owned the largest mining facility in the world and was always at the top of the list of the largest mining pools. That’s how I first heard about Bitcoin and how one of the most intriguing opportunities passed me by.

Truly yours, Tradelize founder.